Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

Do you know what's brown with a pink bow around his neck and goes hippity hopping through the mud?


We ate lunch with my sister today and afterwards we had an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids. Most of the younguns are grown now except for my great nieces and nephews.
These hunts are fairly tame compared to the egg hunts we had as kids. I remember a great deal of body checking, elbowing, gouging, and free style karate that we picked up watching B-grade movies on TV. The kid that found the most eggs would get a prize but we always had one prize egg that contained $5.
The prize egg was always hidden really well. I had a sadistic older cousin that did the hiding and he firmly believed that if you got the $5 prize egg you needed to work for it. So sometimes you could only get to it if you knew how to operated a backhoe.
I remember one year he hid it in a bed of fire-ants. And it's hard to forget the time that it was sunken in a fresh cow patty. The winner that year dug around in the dung with a stick and then kicked the egg over to a faucet to wash it off before opening it up and claiming the prize.
I think this day and time the egg would have to contain a hundred big before a kid would go to such lengths to win the prize.
Even though Easter seemed early this year, you could not have asked for a more beautiful day.
Happy Easter.

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