Sunday, April 18, 2010

Policing the Area

This morning I worked around the barn. The people who rented this farm back in the late sixties used the hollows on both sides of our property as a dump for car parts, old appliances and other junk. 
You couldn't really see it in the summer as the foliage is thick and lush. But in the fall of the year when the green recedes and the leaves fall, the stuff was an eye sore. I tried a few times to get the tractor down close enough to drag the stuff out, but I could never get close enough.
This morning, I decided to take another approach. I manhandled the appliances right out.  I was wringing wet with sweat when I finished, but I now have all the big pieces up where I can get them loaded onto the truck and hauled to the recycling place.
There's a lot of cans bottles and jars still down there, that will take an old fashion military action. When I was in the Army, the grounds of Fort Campbell were immaculate. That's because every morning after breakfast, we "policed the area." What that meant was that we picked up every piece of garbage on the post. Our drill Sargent said that if we missed a single cigarette butt, he'd make us eat it. He was a big scary black guy that had spent several tours of duty in Vietnam and I had no doubt that he'd remain true to his word, so everything around me got picked up.
I wonder if the local National Guard First Sargent would loan me a squad to police the area around the barn?

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