Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wild Irises

I walked down to meditation rock this morning and I discovered that the wild irises had bloomed. These are exquisite violet flowers that are about two inches tall.
They grow in clumps shaded from the evening sun but positioned perfectly so that they bathe in the morning sun.
A few years ago before the timber cutters came through, Jilda and my niece Samantha went on a search and rescue mission and dug up clumps of these wild irises. They also dug up some of the wild honey suckle bushes which are actually wild azaleas.
This morning when I went back up to tell Jilda about the irises, we decided to walk out and check on the "rescued irises" that she planted in the front yard.
We discovered that they too were blooming. What a gift.
After breakfast, we planted more of our garden. By this afternoon, the corn that we planted last week poked through the earth.
We're cranked.
Y'all have a great weekend.

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