Saturday, April 17, 2010

Farm Dreams

Jilda's out of town this weekend attending yoga training in South Carolina. I did something I rarely do. I stayed up late watching TV. 
Since it's baseball season, it seemed only natural to watch "For the Love of the Game". As I've written before, it's one of my all time favorite movies.
This morning I sat out on the back deck and drank my coffee while I watched the morning come alive. I'll post garden pictures in a few days when our stuff gets up a little more. It really looks good.
Tuesday, Terry the Bobcat guy came back and finished up the clearing work. There was a giant pine tree that blew down last spring when storms moved through. I've been cutting pieces off that tree for months but the trunk and a clump of hedge bushes remained.
Terry asked if I wanted him to move the debris down to the main burn pile that he'd been building from all the other work he's been doing. I was thrilled and in a matter of minutes, the eyesore was removed. 
I'd love to have me one of those Bobcats. I know it would be a very expensive toy, but that is one handy tool.
I plan to start work on the barn and the old house next week. It won't cost much to get them both back in shape, but it does take time which I haven't had before now.
I plan to repaint the barn except this time I'm going to paint the roof white. I think it will make it look really good. 
What I'd really like to do is build a new log barn, big enough to use as a music venue as well as a country classroom. I think it would be perfect for yoga retreats, writer and photography workshops and songwriting workshops. Not having a job makes this problematic so until I move some books, get some songs cut and/or hit the lottery, I'll have to keep this one on the back burner.
Jilda is heading back home tomorrow. I'll be glad when she's back cause I miss that little heifer.
Y'all have a great Saturday.

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