Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weather Watching

Today has been a day to watch the weather. Alabama is one place that you would not b surprised to hear the weatherman say - chances of  large hail, dangerous lightening, flash floods and catastrophic tornadoes is 100% today. We've downgraded the chances for plague, locusts and pestilence from 60% this evening to 40% overnight. The earthquake and tsunami warnings have been lifted, but UFO's are expected in most trailer parks across central Alabama.
I looked down earlier today and the upper garden on which I have worked so hard, was under water. When the lightening let up, I ran out there and dug a small ditch to drain the water. Hopefully it didn't do any permanent damage.
Jilda and I are heading to the Dora High School (all class) Alumni Reunion tonight. If I hadn't promised them I'd be there to shoot pictures, I'd skip this year. I do plan to wear a lifejacket just in case.

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