Thursday, April 29, 2010

Liberating Experience

The walk around the place felt different today. The trees looked a little greener, the peas a little taller.  I picked up a handful of dirt in the garden and smelled it like it was a bouquet. 
We moved a house trailer here on this property in 1980. We built the house in 84. 
I remember the day we sealed the deal with the builder like it was yesterday. I had buyers remorse before the ink was dry because I didn't know if we could ever pay for the place.
Somehow, it felt right and we just kept working, paying, adding on, refinancing, working paying and making improvements. 
Today I wired the last payment to the mortgage company. This evening we are totally debt free.
I've dreamed of this day for many years. In fact, every New Years the goal to be debt free made the list. We've worked very hard the last few years paying off cars and other things. 
This effort was what made it possible to walk away from the day gig this time. 
I can tell you this without a moment's hesitation, being totally debt free is liberating experience. 
I hope you all have a great Thursday.

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