Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dodging Bullets

We were dog-cussin' Ingrid (Jilda's Volvo) this morning. We took her in because the passenger side seat was stuck full forward. You could ride on the passenger side, but your legs were jammed up against the dashboard.
When I called the repair shop, they said the switch was $200.  OK, that's not too bad, if you say it quickly. Anyhow they called to say the car was ready. When we picked it up, the mechanic found that something had fallen into one of the tracks and that he was able to fix it for practically nothing.
We were so happy. Jilda was following me home and she called me on my cell to say that the driver's side window was stuck and would not roll up. RATS!!!!!!!!
I knew the repair shop we'd just come from was packed today and Jilda needed the car tomorrow so off we went to another repair shop.
They checked on a relay switch and it was, you guessed it, $200.  ARG!!@@#$$%%^#@@#$.
They did say they could have the car repaired by this evening.
When we went to pick it up, the mechanic said that something had apparently fallen into the window track and the Volvo is designed to shut the relay switch off so that it doesn't burn up the power window motor which is VERY expensive. Again, there was no charge.
We'd dog cussed our car for doing what she was designed to do. Well, the only way I could make it up to her was to give her a bath, which it did. I also talked tenderly to her as I cleaned the wheels and glass.
She looks like a new ride.

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