Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Eve

I heard the thunder rolling this morning before I opened my eyes. Even thought the blinds were pulled, I could tell by the quality of the light that it was cloudy outside.
I got up, sat on the couch, and looked through the windows as the morning came alive. 
Nature has a subtle routine. The small birds get out early and check the feeders. The finches, wrens and sparrows are the early birds at our house. It's not until later that the cardinals, doves and bluejays come in to feed. 
We haven't see our hummingbirds yet, but we expect to see them any day now swoop down in front of our windows, look in and say "where's the food Bubba?" 
I spent most of the day doing stuff indoors. I still have a good bit of web work to do to get caught up and I still have work on our taxes. It's my intention to have that completed tomorrow so that I can take them to our accountant.
I hope you all have a blessed Easter. 

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