Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I earned my keep today. A neighbor was clearing off her back lot and the guy was using a BobCat. When he took a break, he walked over while I was planting tomatoes and asked if I wanted any of my property cleared and just so happens, I did.
I've expanded my garden spot this year but the new section was in shade much of the afternoon thanks to about six huge poplar trees. I'm not a fan of poplar trees because they are a soft wood which tend to lose their tops when the wind blows.
Anyhow, we discussed what I had in mind and agreed on a price. He pulled a chainsaw out of his truck that was as big as a Toyota and he whacked down those trees quicker than you could say T I M B E R. Then he got on the BobCat and in a short time, my garden spot was basking in the warm afternoon sun.
If you live in Walker County and have land that needs clearing or some excavation work, call my new friend Terry Thompson.
I did him a quick website so he would have a presence on the Internet so you can get his number at
Terry Thompson Tell him Rick sent you to him and he'll let you drive the BobCat (just kidding Terry).

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