Monday, April 19, 2010

The Creative Well

My creative juices are running low. I've been trying to think of an idea for this week's column but I'm coming up dry. I may have to go to the well.
I'll start going through old pictures and listening to my music collection. If that fails, I'll start looking at the titles to the books on the shelves of our library and going through my book of quotations.
I also have a folder of old jokes that can sometimes spark an idea. Then there is the "Lists" folder where I've collected my top ten list of things.
I've talked to other writers before and most have routines they go through when they get into a rut. One thing I haven't tried late is a change of venue. Maybe I should charge up my laptop and go sit on the riverbank or maybe drive up to the Sipsey Wilderness.
Anyhow, I still have some time so I'm not in a panic yet, but the well is always there if I need it.

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