Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Back Home

We got up at 3 a.m. this morning to make the trek back home. The temperature was about 42 degrees with no humidity (to speak of) when we left Mountain Village at 4 a.m. The thermometer was pushing 100 when we touched down in Birmingham just after three this afternoon, the humidity was slightly less than a glass of warm water.
I was drenched with sweat before I reached the car. Of course I was wagging a guitar and about sixty pounds of luggage.
Jilda and I haven't had a good vacation in quite some times. The week in Telluride was perfect. We ate well, we shopped, I fished, we hiked, and we took afternoon naps.
We soaked in hot tubs, and then got into eucalyptus steam rooms which made you feel good inside and out.
One evening, we played and sang John Denver songs late into the night. It seems that people young and old know the words to Country Roads and will join in on a sing-a-long.
Even as hot as I was today when we returned, I felt a little taller.
I was afraid that I'd put on some weight, because we ate a lot of rich foods and I indulged in other ways too, but when I weighed this evening, I had actually lost three pounds.
When you're not accustomed to thin, dry air, it plays havoc with your sinuses and skin. It's also very hard to breathe when you exert yourself. But your body adjusts to the thin air, by raising your metabolism.
Come to think of it, I saw very few overweight people who lived in Telluride. Most of the extra pounds came from the folks visiting the Mountain Village resort.
There's nothing like a nice vacation to recharge your batteries and give you a chance to see life through a new lens.
I came home with a notebook full of ideas for projects, new song ideas, column and blog ideas and ideas for living largely.
There are some places we have visited in the past that we enjoyed, but we don't plan on making a return visit.
Colorado is a different story. The people we met there were remarkable. The area is full of creative people, with creative ideas. Just walking through gave me a chance to soak it in.
I will say this: it is our intention to go back to Colorado when we have more time and a better mode of transportation. I shot a lot of photos that I love, but I know there are a million more just waiting for the taking.
Jilda shot the picture above in a little alcove in town. A hand carved eagle bench. You don't see that everywhere.


  1. I remember the cool thin air in the mountains above Denver when I was there in the '80s. I adjusted quickly, enjoying the very lightness of breathing. I also remember being uncomfortable upon return to Ohio. I think that bright sun and light air really makes the mind sing at those altitudes. And then there were the stars.....! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Does a soul good. :-D

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

    I believe we should get the dream of teletransportation going though, as I hate the driving to the airport, parking, lugging luggage, waiting, getting on the plane, waiting, changing planes, waiting, lugging luggage, getting the car, driving, getting lost. When I get there it's great, but a single teletransport would be perfect.


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