Monday, July 05, 2010

Colorado Day Three

My friend Wes and I did a half day fly fishing outing today. We spent the first few hours on a small lake near Telluride.
First off, we practiced casting, tying knots, and fly selection. Our guide JD was great! We didn't catch anything at the first place but we several nice rainbow trout checked out our flies. I had one bump my fly, but he didn't take the bait.
We then went to another mountain lake and fished for a while. I caught my first rainbow and Wes caught two. We released the fish back into the lake and watched them swim away.
I've done a little fly fishing in the past, but I still have so much to learn.
Being a good fly fisherman takes practice. Keeping the flies out of bushes, tree limbs and nearby rocks is a challenge to say the least. I lost four flies in four hours.
Toward the end of our outing, we donned our waiders and fished the San Miguel river. I started getting into the rhythm of casting just before we called it a day.
The river, the sky, and the mountains made this a magical morning.  This evening, I am whupped. The thin air has taken its toll on me and I'm drained.
Jilda and I plan to do some hiking tomorrow.
Have a great week.

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