Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lucky Door

I remember the first time I saw this lucky door. It was in May of 1976 and I worked at The Community News. I didn't make a lot of money then, but I enjoyed the work.
We lived in a mobile home on a lot without shade. I'd dreamed of owning a place of our own for as long as I could remember.
A friend of a friend mentioned that the old Hamrick home place was for sale in Phillipstown.
I drove up in early May when the dogwoods were in bloom and the greening leaves of the oak and hickory trees formed a lush tunnel over the road to the barn.
The old house and barn weren't much to look at, but the hundred year old trees made the place seem old and familiar at the same time.
I thought to myself as I stood beneath this horseshoe, some how, some way, I will own this place one day.
At the time, we could barely afford groceries, so buying property was out of the question.
But when we mentioned the place to Jilda's parents, her dad drove up the next day and he too fell in love with the place and bought it that afternoon.
They lived here for a few years, but when his health started failing, they moved in closer to town and we got the property from them.
Today, I was struggling trying to come up with something to write about. Jilda suggested I go for a walk. I walked down to the barn and sat on the edge of a plow to think.  I looked up at the barn, and the lucky door caught my eye and I knew at once I had a topic for tonight.


  1. I love the story - very beautiful.

  2. Very nice story, it really cought my attention. GREAT JOB!

  3. Its nice when you have some history surrounding you.

  4. May all your dreams come true so happily! :)

  5. May all your dreams come true so happily! :)

  6. Beautiful story!


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