Friday, July 23, 2010

Warm Day in Alabama

It was hotter than Satan's horny breath today. Jilda and I did our morning walk before the chickens came down from the roost. My outside work was finished by 10 a.m.
I had a meeting with my financial planner at 1 p.m. in Birmingham. I couldn't find a shade so my black truck took about ninety minutes of direct Alabama sunlight. It wasn't quite as hot as a laser, but so close you could smell the barn.
If I'd been mindful, I would have kneaded some dough before I left. It could have baked in the truck as I crunched numbers with my money guy.
At least aroma of baking bread would have made the interior smell good as I cooked the skin off my hands when I touched the steering wheel when I finished my meeting.
It takes a special breed of folks to call Alabama their home. We constantly compete with Mississippi to be dead last in almost every bad category that is tracked. Income, education, etc. Or first in all the bad categories, obesity, infant mortality, etc.
And then there is the heat in July and August.  People visiting from other locales during times of extreme heat often ask us why we live here. It's hard to explain.
Maybe it's something  hard coded into our DNA. After a summer of grueling heat and humidity, maybe we think of ourselves as survivors. Hey, if we can live in Alabama in July and August, we could live in Hades without an ice machine.


  1. Alabama has nothing over Kentucky this summer. It's been about 6 weeks of over 90 degree days and we're not even to August.

    Makes me think a fuzzy stearing wheel cover might be a good idea; winter cold and smmer heat solution.


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