Friday, July 16, 2010

Hazards of Walking

It's been hotter than the devil's toaster here today.  Jilda and I walked before the sun rose above the hickory and pine, but the humidity was already brutal.
I carry a stick when we walk because we come upon all kinds of critters while we are getting our daily exercise. 
It's not uncommon when we walk, to get a spider web in the face that's woven finer than an oriental carpet. 
Jilda preached one of the most profound sermons I've ever heard once when she walked face first into a huge web and got a spider as big as a chihuahua on her cheek. 
I distinctly remember her saying  90q235u'ng alkgnfa zlkfbn zfgua 09rtuq ]ojgz; kfnbzi fujgapor gja/gna gjfa'gnf49u5 !!!!###$D))C) 834erf!!!!!!!! 
She was quite passionate and convincing. Those words stuck with me, and my goal is to never hear them again, so, I've adopted the practice of waking in front, swinging my stick like a drum major's baton. This knocks down most of the webs and sends the spider's scurrying before they scoot down your ear canal. To my way of thinking, looking like a complete doofus is a small price to pay for staying out of divorce court.
Changing the subject, our deer came back again today. I looked out just after lunch and she was drinking from the fountain again.
Just before dark this evening, I saw her down under the apple tree surveying the crop. These apples don't get fully ripe until late September. 
I guess we'll need to buy a little corn to tied her over until fall.
Y'll have a great weekend.


  1. You do right with the stick waving, the last thing you need is for the wife to getting all religious on you during an early morning walk!!

  2. You got that right brother.


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