Saturday, July 24, 2010

Something in Common

I learned to play guitar when I was in junior high school. I wasn't too good at first....actually, I'm thankful that no recordings of my early performances survived.
Just thinking about those early songs make me cringe. I'm really surprised that my folks didn't chop up the guitar and use if for kindling.
But those songs were part of a much longer journey. The tired old saying nails it, you have to learn to crawl before you walk. Getting good at anything takes time and practice. I invested the time, and it eventually paid off.
I've heard non musicians say "this guys is gifted. He just picked up the guitar and started to play."  I've been playing for nearly fifty years and I can say without hesitation, that I've never seen anyone simply pick up a guitar for the first time and play. What normally happens is that someone picks up a guitar and makes some sounds, then becomes consumed with music. They spend countless hours in their bedroom mastering the nuances of playing a stringed instrument. I can promise that there is a direct relationship between guitar mastery and number of hours spent practicing. People may not see it, but I assure you it happens....but I digress.
I learned to play quite young and I learned right away that it set me apart from the crowd. It made me feel special.
Music is one of the things that my lovely wife Jilda and I have in common. I played guitar for her when she sang "Gentle on my mind" in the Dora High School talent and beauty contest. She didn't win, but I thought she loPublish Postoked and sounded great!
Through the years, I've had friends that concentrated on fishing, golf, hunting, and other interests that did not include their wives. In some cases, it caused problems. You must have something in common, because after the initial lust, passion, and romance of a relationship has worn off, it's difficult to continue if you don't share a common interest.
Music was the ticket for us. We have been writing songs and performing ever since we've been married over 36 years ago. We often get invited by friends to their parties. Inevitably, the "invitors" will say "be sure and bring your guitars."
Sing-a-longs at parties are always fun. When you play songs that everybody knows, even folks who are not very good at singing will  go home with a smile on their face.
Tonight, Jilda and I played a songwriter in the round gig at Berkeley Bob's Coffee House in Cullman. It was a delightful experience. We did two encores and we left 'em smiling. And I smiled to myself, all the way home


  1. It is just great that you and your wife do something together that you both love.

  2. That is wonderful! I always liked times like that. A marriage survives either with a will to not give up or when both people grow together. You have to like to be in each other's company to grow together.

  3. Thanks Belle. It has been a gift.
    Well said Charlene.


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