Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday America

We took the tram across a mountain over to Telluride this morning. They had a fireman's parade and BBQ. The parade was an eclectic event and the main street of Telluride was pack shoulder to shoulder with people who'd come out to see the affair. It was a hoot.
I bought a new hat to keep the sun from burning my head to a crisp. It's one of those squashibles that I can pack in my carry on. I'll also wear it when I go fly fishing tomorrow but I think it screams of TOURISTA! to all the locals.
After the parade we made our way to the park and mingled in with about ten thousand other folks in search of BBQ.
I have to give it to the firemen because they moved people through without much delay. The food was good and we ate while admiring the scenery.
It must be tough living here with all the beauty in every direction.
As my old friend Joe said, "this place will give you scenic sclerosis."
I could not agree more.
The people here are different. Most of the restaurants serve organic foods, and recycling is a way of life here.
When you go to the store, the checkout folks always ask, "do you really need a bag?"
After we finished eating, we made our way back to the gondola for our short ride over the mountain back to the resort.
I shot this photo as we were standing in line.

I hope you all have a magnificent 4th of July.
Happy Birthday America.


  1. Happy fourth to you...nice shots of the purple mountains' majesty...

  2. Beautiful pictures. A person who is an artist always takes beautiful pictures with a camera us ordinary types would be useless with!

    It was a wonderful 4th here and hot!

  3. Telluride sounds like Vermont, at least in the organic, recycling, tofu sort of way. Beautiful pics.

  4. I am really impressed with this area.
    The beauty is just incredible.
    I think we're going to try and rent a jeep for a half day and drive around for additional photo ops.

  5. Actually, I like the hat....:-D


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