Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hard Decision

I've got an old dog that is having health issues. She was a throw away dog that I found by the side of the road about seven years ago. 
I'd seen her on my way to work a few times but didn't give her much thought because it was not uncommon to see dogs by the side of the road, but I noticed this one for several days in a row and I could tell she was getting thinner. 
She'd was not much more than a puppy when she was dumped and she never strayed far from that spot. Apparently she was waiting for her "friend" to come back and collect her. 
Dogs are some of the most loyal friends on the planet and it broke my heart to see her run up to the edge of the road each time I drove by. She'd check out the passing car and when she saw that it wasn't her car, she'd go back to her place by a pile of trash.
One evening I made a snap decision to stop and pick her up. She has been a true and loyal friend ever since. 
She's blind now and the summer heat had caused her red mange to flair up. She also has a difficult time breathing. 
We're getting to the point that we are going to have to make a very hard decision and I don't look forward to it.
Jilda and I have no children of our own. Our dogs are almost like children and are treated better than a lot of children I've known.
We let her come inside on hot days and lie on a rug in my office. Right now she is sound asleep here by my feet.  
I despise people that throw animals out on the side of the road like trash, but I'm glad I made the decision, to let her live with us.


  1. When I was a child we had a dog come up on the place, a mut that had markings of a collie and the face of a shepherd. We named her Tippy and she was a wonderful dog. Everytime I raked the yard or swept the porch, she'd run at the sight of that handle on the implement. We figured whoever she knew before us had hit her with a long handled thing.

    In the city we don't have dogs come up to your home but cats, yeah. I have an indoor cat and she sits at the door waving at the ferel cats that pass.

  2. The blessing of saving such an animal like that is the joy of the animal itself. You've been well blessed and I respect owners that know when those loyal pets should be eased out with dignity, not just left to linger.

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Heaven holds a special place for those who love dogs...


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