Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Real Pain

If I were a masochist, I would have been in heaven this afternoon. I was cutting grass in the garden and I got stung in the temple by a big honkin' red wasp.
The pain was/is exquisite - a cross between a toothache, an earache, a headache, and a good solid slap on the side of the face.

I would have taken a Benadryl, but it's my Saturday evening to sit with my mom, and I didn't want to drool on her couch. 
I did take an Advil and my head stopped pounding like a bass drum, though I do still see aliens and huge squirrels out of the corner of my eye from time to time. Thankfully when I turn my head to get a better look, they usually disappear.
My mom has trouble seeing and hearing, so about the only thing she likes to do is watch TV.
The problem is, she only watches the Braves when they're on TV, or the Game Show Network. Watching the Braves is right down my alley, but the GSN is brutal. 
Most of the advertisements on the Game Show Network are for drugs.  I guess they've figured out that older folks is their viewing demographic. The small print that they read at the end of these commercials scare the crap out of me.
I'm not sure I would want to "ask my doctor" about drugs that have documented side effects that include, heart palpitations, kidney failure, sudden drops in blood pressure and in some rare cases DEATH!!!! 
No thanks. In most cases the original ailment is minor, especially when compared to the possible side effects.
Tomorrow is a practice day for Jilda and I. We have a gig at Berkeley Bobs Coffee House next Saturday evening. It's a songwriter in the round with two other songwriters.  It should be fun, so mark your calendars.
Take care and have a great weekend.


  1. Those ads scare the crap out of me too! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. I agree on the drug commercials.

    It's my habbit to flip the mute on and go do some small thing during the 5 minute commercials.

    Hope you get to feeling better and the swelling goes down.

  3. I hope you're feeling a little better by now.

  4. I'm actually having no pain today. I am plotting my revenge on the little bugger that stung me.


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