Friday, July 30, 2010


Jilda and I don't have children, but her brother Ricky lives next door and he with his wife Debbie have three kids that "we claim". All three of these kids now have children of their own.
Samantha, the youngest, just got accepted into an exclusive program in the field of physical therapy at a local college.
She maintained a very high GPA in school, while raising a child on her own. Entry into the PT program was not  a sure thing. There were only a limited number of slots.
The notification was to go out for those accepted into the program by mail, and the last several weeks has been pure torture for Samantha. Each day she watched for the mail to run only to walk back to the house with junk mail or phone bills. Then finally the letter came this week, and she was IN.
Tonight, we had the entire family over for a celebration. We bought a couple bottles of champaign, Jilda baked some chocolate cupcakes, I grilled some hotdogs, and we sat around and enjoyed each other's company.
Jilda and I both are into celebrations. Milestones should be acknowledged and celebrated.
We're proud of our youngun's and we know one day, they will make a difference in this world.
(The photo above is of our great niece Daisy. Did I mention we had chocolate cupcakes?)

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  1. That is so true. A child being acknowledged as the true and beautiful person they are in the world does more to help them realize their potential than any other thing.


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