Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day in Heaven

I'm not sure how the day could have been any better. I met my friend Dan up at Riverside Fly Shop at just after 8 a.m. this morning.
We browsed in the shop looking for bargains on flies and equipment before heading up the Sipsey Fork access road to meet our guide, Mike Key.
The mist rising off the river looked almost mystical in the morning light.
Even though the forecast called for a hot day, the water that flows in the Sipsey is around 52 degrees.  This natural air conditioning made the temperature perfect for fishing.
We met up at the pumping station and walked through the woods to a well worn path down to the water.
The path was as slippery as a playground slide sprayed with WD40. I held on to roots and twigs and inched my way down.
Mike hooked Dan and I up with some handmade files and we waded off into the icy water. I was in rented waders and I'm glad because otherwise it would have been a very short fishing trip.
At first my casting was stiff and clumsy. I got my line tangled around the tip of my rod a number of times. I began to get frustrated but then a gentle breeze came down the river and I could hear turtle doves off in the distance and I began to relax and settle down.
I found my rhythm and I managed to start placing the fly near rocks and crevices where the rainbow hide.
Both Dan and Mike were catching trout, but I think the fish instinctively understood that I was frustrated and steered clear of my line.
Once I settled down, the fish started hitting my flies.
Eventually I caught a small rainbow before we had to call it a day.
Some folks would consider catching only one fish a wasted day, but to me it was a great day! I got to spend quality time with friends on the Sipsey.
A song that my friend Steve plays sums it up well when he sings: "The important part of fishing ain't the fish, but he fishing."
I couldn't agree more.
(The photo at the top is Mike Key and Dan Starnes. The bottom photo is me and Mike.


  1. I reckon being with friends in a nice place is going to make for a good day whether the fish join in the party or not.

  2. My friend Lenny ties his own flies and gives them to friends or sells them for $1 each. He loves fishing while I sit on the grass or a rock and read. He never keeps the fish; tosses them back.


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