Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Trouble

Chickens are not smart creatures. The four I have left are from the batch of twelve we bought in May (or was it June?). As you may recall, raccoons feasted on the other eight. 
Normally you have some older chickens that can show the younger birds the ropes, but these kids have been on their own.
When I pour food in their three feeders, they all scramble and jockey for the same feeder. They jump in with both feet and soon all the feed is out on the ground and they repeat the process until the feed is sufficiently scattered.
Then at night, instead of roosting on the nice little roost I built for them, they roost on top of the nesting boxes. Not sure what's up with that or what will happen when they actually start laying.
I can hear the hens now "Wow! What a mess! What were we thinking roosting up there. Somebody get a hosepipe and clean this mess up!"
Anyhow, the rooster tries to crow each morning, but he sounds a little sad. I guess when he reaches puberty, that will all change and he'll be looking at the hens in new and interesting ways.
More later.

1 comment:

  1. Your chickens sount like they might be teenagers. My daughter and her friends always seemed to get the wrong idea about where to sleep and how to eat. Rob.


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