Monday, August 02, 2010

Words Out

I guess words out in the wildlife kingdom. "Hey Dude, you need to drop by Rick and Jilda's house, they have the best food!"
The young deer that I shot a picture of a few weeks ago out under our apple tree and in our front yard, well, she visits daily now. A few more visits, and we'll probably name her.
The tiny electric blue eastern bluebirds that normally breeze through, stay a few days in early spring to recharge their batteries, then move on up to the Carolinas - well they stayed this year.
The hummingbirds are now in a feeding frenzy. Our friend Fred came over for a while last Saturday and we sat on the couch and watched the air traffic outside our great-room window. "Wow!" he said, "This is better than watching TV. Then as if on queue, the deer walked into view and drank from the birdbath.
Today as we ate lunch, we looked out toward the barn and two wild turkeys ambled straight toward the house and then turned into the pea patch to check things out. That's kind of rare around here. Turkeys are really skittish and they will bolt when they see the tiniest movement. But these never spooked. I wish I'd had my big camera with the telephoto lens. I tried to shoot a picture with my camera phone but they were too far away to get a good image.
So, any day now we expect to see a black bear or panther stroll up, knock on the door and ask to see a menu.


  1. Sounds like a holding area for ark loading, and idyllic.

    I've got fat and frisky ground hogs, raccoons, squirrels, bunnies, hawks, black birds, geese and birds that wake me almost every morning. This is in a commercial area in the middle of the city. What we would have called varmints back on the farm are all around; no fear of getting shot here. Shooting is saved for human killing in the city, it would seem.

  2. I like how you paint a picture with your words. It is a very nice summer scene.


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