Monday, August 09, 2010


I mentioned the Rose-a-Sharon blossom that I saw yesterday on our walking meditation. I let that moment slip, but mother nature must have thought that I needed to see it again so she repeated the show.
I finally "got the picture" today when I took this photograph with my trusty iPhone.
There is a book of photographs entitled "The Best Camera in the World is the One You Have With You".
I could not agree more! Life happens. You can't say "hold that pose, I'll be right back with my good camera." If you want to capture the moment, you use whatever camera you have at hand.
My phone has a stopwatch so I use it to time our walks each morning and it's rarely more than an arms reach away.
I've come to understand that the on-board camera, in most situations, is all you need.
I know video is great, but to me, the still photograph can say so much more.
Sometimes with video, you capture too much and the essence of the moment gets lost.
But with photographs, you capture a moment in time.
If you were there at the time the shutter clicked, your mind fills in all the other details. If you were not there, you mind is free to paint the scene in whatever fashion suits your fancy.
I believe that when we get older, all these photographs we've taken through the years, will help remind us what a gift our lives have been.


  1. Another reason I lust for a iPhone!

    I write things down as much as I can because I think when I get older, I'll want to read about my life.

  2. The picture: A lovely splash of pink in a sea of green. So nice.


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