Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thinking About Sweater

When we walked this morning, it was at least fifteen degrees cooler than yesterday. You could tell that without looking at a thermometer or consulting the Weather Channel. 
The windows, which for the past six weeks have been covered each morning with a thick mist, were clear as a crystal glass.
It won't be long until the leaves begin to turn and before we know it, autumn will be here. I love hot weather, but I must say six weeks of above average temps has made outside exercise and work difficult. 
I look forward to being able to wear a sweater. 


  1. I think we're getting June in August here.

  2. I'm with you on being ready for a sweater day--but not so much on the liking hot weather. 75 degrees is the top of my comfort zone. :)

  3. There are days in winter where it gets above 75 :)
    Until the night before last, it was warmer than 75 at night.
    I think Texas gets even hotter and more humid.
    I'm turning into more of a wus the older I get :)

  4. Bring on the cold! Rick, I love you but you are such a wuss! I agree with Ornery's Wife, 75 is the top of my comfort zone. That is why we have flannel sheets, and the reason sweaters are knitted, When it is 100 you can walk around naked and still be hot...but when it's cold, just add layers.

  5. How about overnight lows in the 90's?

  6. Yike Grandpappy! I'd be sleeping nakid!

  7. Autumn (or Fall) has definitely arrived here in the UK. Our summer has gone and we've had heavy rain and much lower temperatures. My garden is full of dead leaves. :(


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