Thursday, August 26, 2010


For all the folks who have been following my blog since it started back in 2005 know that it was a part of the natural evolution of the alumni website.
For years I used the website as my blog and place to display photographs. I also shoot the Dora Bulldog football games when they are close by. 
When I looked into blogging, I found that Blogger was easy and free. It also had a feature that allowed people who had never heard of Dora High School to stumble upon my blog.
As it turns out,  I now have more readers from around the world than local readers.  My book Remembering Big grew out of  the blog.
But, to my readers who are not local, tonight is the first night of football season here and I'm headed over to a local school to shoot a few pictures.
Jilda worked today and she's whupped so I'll be flying solo tonight.  If it's not to late, I'll post another entry when I get home.
Go Dawgs!!!
P.S. The link to photos that I shot are here:


  1. We never had football at my HS when I went there. They have it now. I think my life was messed up to some extent because of no HS football.

    Thank gosh I have found the NFL!

  2. Ken Owens1:31 PM

    Dora High football, Watkins Field, Ronnie May, Dave Campbell, a clip, a crushed knee, crushed hopes of football career, they all came together for me on that cool November night in 1963. You've heard it from me before, Rick. As ball season begins this week it is hard for me forget. A small part of me has to remember. A larger part of me remembers the good things of life. I will be attending a high school game tonight and cheering for the home team. Good luck to you and the Dora Dawgs of "Football War".


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