Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Good Day

I was on the river at 6 a.m. this morning. I sat on the bank waiting for my fishing buddies to arrive. The morning mist lay on the water like a blanket of gauze.
I could hear the trout hitting bugs on the surface of the water, and off in the distance I could hear a woodpecker tapping a tree looking for breakfast.
I closed my eyes and the scent of pine and river moss drifted up and into my brain and the earthy smell put a smile on my face that I cannot explain.
When my friends arrived, we suited up and headed down to the water with rods and nets.
I used to wade this river in shorts, but the water averages 52 degrees and that temperature would make my knee joints feel as if they were pumped full of crazy glue.
I invested in some waders which really helps fight the cold water and keeps me dry.
We fished for a few hours before workers turned on the turbines at the dam up river.
When they sound the siren, you have to make your way to the bank because water comes rushing down the riverbed and it gets deep quickly.
The turbines weren't supposed to come on today until noon, but at 10:30, we heard the warning. I moved toward the bank more quickly than I had to, I stepped on a slick rock as big as a VW, and I busted my rear end.
All of a sudden, my waders were full of ice cold water and more was heading in our direction.
My buddies saw what happened and were concerned at first, but when they saw I was OK, they started giving me a hard time. It was good natured fun and I too had a good laugh at myself.
But when my buddy Mike started out of the water, he did a little ballerina routine and he hit the water too which ended his mirth (at my fall).
The sun had risen above the trees and it was getting really hot by then, so I really didn't mind taking a dip.
I didn't catch any fish today, but to me, any day spent on the water is a good day.

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