Sunday, August 15, 2010


What is it about rainbows that is so special? Driving to our gig last night, we were headed east into a thunderstorm. The sun was low on the horizon in our rearview mirror but before it sank down, it threw up a nice little rainbow.
I shot this photo through the windshield with my iPhone.
I think the time of day and the surrounding rain kept it from being more brilliant, but I consider seeing any rainbow a gift.
The gig at La Reunion was a hoot. We packed the house with family and friends.
The owners were thrilled.
We didn't get home until well after our bedtime last night so we took a really long nap this afternoon.
I might have still been napping if the phone hadn't rang.
This evening before sunset, we looked out and our little deer was munching on the corn we'd left for her.
Even with the nap, it's probably going to be an early night tonight. 
Y'all have a great week.

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