Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Jilda's dog cussing me this evening because I gave her a little incorrect information and she blasted it out on her blog.
I "thought" I read on Yahoo that you could see the Aurora Borealis tonight. She seized on the news tip and wrote about it in her blog.
Now it seems the phenomena was actually only visible on August 3rd. So unless we can make the earth spin backwards, we probably missed it this year.
The good news is, the Perseid meteor showers should be at their peak Thursday and Friday nights between midnight and dawn.
I saw a meteor shower once when I was in Panama. I was lying on the top of the fortress wall of Fort San Lorenzo which was an old abandoned Spanish fort on the Atlantic Ocean. 
The night sky was cloudless and you could see from horizon to horizon.  All the guys that lived in our barracks were there and when the show started, it was like watching a 4th of July fireworks show. All you could hear was OOOOOOOO - AHHHHHHHH! 
Absolutely stunning. Here is a link to what the fort looks like today.
We also watched one here several years ago when our nephews next door were at home. We parked the truck out there, set up lawn chairs and blissed out watching Mother Nature's show.
So, I guess you can guess what we'll be doing tomorrow night.


  1. When I was a kid in the country I used to lay on the grass at night and watch the sky. Falling stars were rare and seeing one my mind hardly grasped it was a star.

  2. Enjoyed the picture of the old fort.

  3. I think some of the news stories on Yahoo are not always that clear. I read a story the other day about two cloned bulls and the story went on about worries that milk may have got in to the food chain which didn't seem right unless cloned bulls are different to uncloned bulls. In the end I assumed there must be a cow involved somewhere, maybe the bulls mother but it didn't make it clear in the article.


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