Thursday, August 05, 2010

First Baby Sitting Gig

I had my first baby sitting gig today with my great nephew Jordan. Jilda and I have kept him a number of times, but today his mom had orientation at school and Jilda's work schedule changes so it was me and the "J" man this morning.
We fed and watered the deer, fed and watered the chickens, and then headed down to the barn. Once there, he got a lesson in basic tractor operation. I didn't really crank the tractor, I just showed him all the parts and explained how everything worked. He talks up a storm, but I only catch about every fifth word, but he repeated back to me his understanding of how the tractor worked. He'd point to each part and jabber for a while and I would nod my head.
He also got a crash course in where trees come from. We started with mimosa trees which have seed pods now that looks like beans. I explained how the seeds fell to the ground, then a next year, a small mimosa tree would sprout. He studied me as if he though I might be pulling his leg, but then looked as if he understood. We went from there to acorns and oak trees.
When we got back up to the house, I told him we needed to pick up the limbs and pine cones that had fallen, put them in the wheelbarrow, and unload them on the burn pile.  Once he got the hang of the wheelbarrow, I sat back and watched as he pushed and pulled that thing all over the yard and picked up every limb and pine cone in sight.
We blew bubbles peed off the back porch and had an all around great time. When his grandpa got back from his morning appointment, he came to get Jordan, but he didn't want to go home.
I had been a little apprehensive about keeping him because I wasn't sure how he'd react once he realized that both his mom and Jilda had skipped out on him but we guys made out just fine.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful day to remember. I bet he remembers too.

    Peeing off he porch; giggle. That's funny

  2. Sounds like a blessed day.

  3. Myrle McLeod8:34 PM

    My daughter recommended your site. Love your pictures.


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