Monday, August 16, 2010

iPhone Fun

I had some iPhone fun with the new blazing star flower on our back porch. It's a beautiful red flower that takes its sweet time to bloom, but when it does, it is stunning.
The first one of the summer bloomed out this morning and It was so vivid, I thought I'd see what my new iPhone photo apps could do with it.
I think it looks cool, but Jilda dog cussed me for jerking Mother Nature's creations around :)
I tried for this effect when I first started processing my own pictures.
I had a black and white darkroom and I learned to print photographs when I worked for the weekly paper back in the seventies, but printing color in a small darkroom was much more difficult.
I tried for this stark coloring by running slide film through the negative film chemicals. The results were interesting but VERY time consuming and expensive.
These days in a matter of seconds you can get really cool effects.
Have a great week, and try to have some fun.


  1. Those iPhones are sure slick. Sigh.

  2. I often marvel at how much better picture taking is these days. When I think about how easy it is now it makes me wonder why I ever bothered before. I guess it was a case of what we never had we never missed, I sure wouldn't want to go back to the old ways now though. These new phones are great too, I'm surprised we still call them phones because about the last thing I use mine for is making phone calls LOL!

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Very cool pic. Good job. What app are you using?


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