Monday, September 27, 2010

A Change In The Weather

I sat out on the screen porch yesterday morning and drank my coffee as the rain rattled the metal roof. We had company all weekend and Jilda was exhausted so she slept in. 
I could almost hear the oak and hickory sighing with relief. I knew a change in the weather was headed our way because the hummingbirds, who'd been in a feeding frenzy for the last several weeks, disappeared suddenly.
This morning after I put the coffee on, I stepped out on the back deck and looked up at the sky.
Grey clouds as thick as smoke hung low, and the air was down right chilly. A drop of rain that had been clinging to a leaf on our water oak, fell off and hit me right on the back of the neck. The cool drop raced down my spine and kicked off the first shiver of the season.
When we went for our morning walk, you could see a noticeable difference in the color on the trees.
The foliage may not be as psychedelic this fall as it's been in years past, but it is what it is. I'm ready for cooler weather.
On a more somber note, Jilda's brother who lives next door was rushed to the hospital this morning with chest issues. The good news is, he didn't have a heart attack. They are running tests in the morning to determine what caused the issue. Please send him (and Jilda) good thoughts. 


  1. I awoke this morning cold, and confused why the place felt so cold until I saw we hit 32 degrees as a low last night. Wasn't prepared for that.

  2. I am praying for Jilda's brother.

  3. we are also enjoying the sweet cooler weather. I left the kitchen window open last night and am delightfully chilled this morning! I would love to sit beneath your metal roof in a rain--sounds so peaceful and cozy. Someday I'll have my metal roof, too.

  4. I had to wear a t-shirt with sleeves this morning! I'd be perfectly happy if weather year round was between 50 and 80 here. We didn't get any rain. In fact since the middle of August we'd not gotten any rain. I don't know why the yard needs to be mowed at all.

    Glad ya'all got rain and hope Jilda's brother is well.

  5. Thanks y'all. Quick update, they found that her brother was on the verge of a heart attack but he did not have one. They put in stints and he will be coming home this evening.
    Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.


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