Thursday, September 09, 2010

Getting UnStuck

OK, I'm going around the world to get at what I want to get at tonight. So here goes:
I got an email from one of the top bloggers in the country today and the topic was, "Writer Inspiration Tip Sheet".
Basically it was tips on how to come up with ideas to write about. I thought, hey, I can definitely use this, so I read further.
One of the tips was to read other people's blogs. Well? I do that already. I don't want to knock off anybody's work, but I just scanned a few suggested blogs from One of the entries was a blog written by the author of the comic strip Dilbert, which I love. 
Today's entry had a list of things that he thought would be helpful for colleges to teach this day and time. I actually liked this idea, so I'm not really stealing Scott's idea, I'm adding to his work (without his permission).

Here is a partial list (sorry Scott):

Sales methods

Psychology of persuasion
Human Interface design
Appearance (hair, makeup, clothes)
How to entertain

I actually thought his list was pretty good, but I'd like to offer a few and I encourage you to comment with any additional suggestions.

Basic trouble shooting (whether you're working on laptops or toasters, the concepts are the same)
Common sense
Time management
Money management
BS detection skills
How to travel to other countries without behaving like a spoiled, arrogant American

I know I've missed some important stuff here, so feel free to keep the conversation going.


  1. maybe add plumbing, carpentry, house keeping, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, writing a thank you note

  2. Do you kiss your wife [husband, lover] differently than you did when you first kissed her?

    Have your feet grown or gotten smaller as you age?

    What my face looked like when I was 18 vs. now.

    Do painted toenails on your lover turn you on?

    ...though I've never written on any of these subjects.

  3. Marriage - How to make it work.

    Parenting - Being the best you can be.

  4. oooh. Writing a thank you note is a good one, Jilda! It is one of my pet peeves. :) Although, when I write about it, people get sort of snarky... "why do you give if you want something in return?"

    Interesting that all the suggestions are still related to everyday living.

  5. To be honest I just babble on about any old rubbish as you've probably seen!

  6. Good examples, and suggestions, all!

    Charlene, you made me hot just reading your :)


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