Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I had scheduled a fishing day today, but that didn't happen. As I mentioned before, I can be soooo creative when it comes to procrastination.
I have a couple of pieces due tomorrow, and as of this morning, I hadn't started either. So, I stowed my fishing gear in the closet, I got up before the chickens, and I started writing.
I ran out of steam just after lunch and decided to take a nap. After I got up, I checked the laptop, but as I expected, the writing fairy had not finished the stories.
So, I got back down to business. After a few more hours, I took a long walk and cleared our walking path of encroaching blackberry bushes.
I was hopeful when I returned from my walk, but again, the stories still were not complete. I worked a few more hours tonight, and I'm now so close I can smell the barn.
I'll crank up on coffee in the morning and have another run at them. They WILL be complete before the noon deadline.
If anyone has any cures for procrastination, please send them to me immediately, or I may never get to fish again!


  1. I have no sure fire cure here, but fishing is a favorite past time of mine.

  2. You were lucky to have not gone fishing. I met a woman today at Poll Worker training who had broken her foot fishing. She said it was her first broken bone and I'd estimate she was about 60. She said she was just standing there on the bank of the river with her pole baited and in the water and lost her balance and in trying not to fall in the water, moved her foot and it hit a root and down she went; foot broken. She had on a plaster cast totally encasing the foot up past her ankle and was in a wheel chair.

  3. hmm ... tough to answer that. Bet you get more volunteers if you ask for more creative ways to procrastinate. I might even be able to offer a couple pointers ... it's in my DNA.

  4. Sometimes you just have to "grin and grit your teeth" to get things going again. Grin like a mule eating sawbriers and grit your teeth as if someone was screeching their fingernails on the blackboard. And when the chills stop running up your spine, you should have a slightly different outlook on things.

  5. Hmmmm... Procrastination, well, let's see. I guess I can get after that in a while, but first I have a few things to put off until a better day. So...

  6. Fishing should always over-ride sitting at a desk! I know what it is like to have deadlines.


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