Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Little Helper

We kept our little buddy (great nephew Jordan) today. Ordinarily we would have fed the chickens, picked vegetables, worked at the barn, and done some other projects, but today he was not feeling well.
He's been to the doctor and they say a virus caused ulcers in his little mouth and throat. He hasn't eaten solid food for some time. He's hungry, but everything hurts when he tries to eat.
So Jilda and I spent most of the day trying to make him comfortable. Most days, he prefers to be outside with me, but spent most of today in Jilda's lap.
He ate Popsicles, and eventually he ate a few butter cookies dipped in milk.
In the scheme of things, his problem is not that severe. In another day or two, he will be back in rare form ready to build bird houses and ride around on the tractor.
What really hurts me to the core, are those children who have more serious problems. Those that will never build a bird house or ride around on a crazy uncle's shoulders.
Jilda and I performed at Children's Hospital a few years back for children with terminal diseases. I can say without hesitation, it was the saddest, yet most rewarding performance we have ever done.
It was sad to think of the horrors those kids had gone through, and would continue to go through until they moved on to a better place. But it was rewarding, in that something as simple as a song, "Puff the Magic Dragon" put a smile on their faces for a while.
I think the nurses and doctors that care for these children are saints. I don't believe I could ever find the courage to do the job they do.
Our little buddy is going back to the doctor tomorrow, and hopefully they can help him get through this problem.
I'm ready to have my little helper back.

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  1. Poor little Jordan, I hope he gets well soon.


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