Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I rode down to the store this evening to pick up a few things before our company arrived. Sometimes I ride with the windows rolled down to let the wind blow through my hair. 
Somehow it makes me feel more connected to the moment than when I'm isolated behind glass and steel. 
As I sat at a red light, I heard the sound of a train whistle off in the distance which was odd because I know the nearest tracks are at least five miles away. Sometimes sound travels through hills and hollows in strange and wonderful ways.
Hearing the sound of the train reminded me that it's been way too long since we've ridden the rails. One of my Bucket List items is to ride the Orient Express. Even as a child, I was attracted to the idea of riding on the Orient Express. 
My mind drifted away trying to imagine the sights and sounds I might hear riding that train. My spell was rudely broken when I didn't move as the light changed, and a driver behind me was kind enough to let me know.
The website has this to say:

Romance, excitement and pure pleasure are all bound up in journeys that link the great European cities. The adventures of celebrated historic personalities are still palpable today, held in the original 1920s carriages with their Lalique glass panels, wood burning stoves and Art Deco marquetry.

Who wouldn't want to ride this baby? 

I would be curious to know what experience any of you have had on trains. 


  1. Sadly, no experience with riding trains here. Just about any other mode of transportation but that one I've used.

  2. I've never been on a train though I hear them as there are track near my work.

    The Orient Express always seemed impossibly luxury and civility. You should go! Are you going to wear a fastidious hand made suit and a waxed mustache?

  3. My husband and I rode the train from San Diego to Seattle and loved it. The food was like it came from a 5 star restaurant. Our porter was wonderful, and I loved sleeping with the sound of the train going over the tracks.
    The only complaint I would have was that the windows needed cleaning, but we could see anyway and the views were lovely.
    We loved the little coffee room they had with free fruit and snacks, and they had a movie every night. We didn't go though. Anyway, I think you would enjoy a train trip.
    There is a book by a guy who travels the world on trains and he went on the Orient Express. I'll have to try and find his name.

  4. Martha and Carolyn6:19 AM

    Perfect timing for this comment on trains. Carolyn and I leave today on the Amtrak to New Orleans. She has never been on a train and I travelled a lot by train when I lived in Europe. We have booked a 'roomette' so drinks (water) and meals are included. It takes about 7 and half hours but what nicer way to travel. We will also return on the train and I was very suprised as to how cheap it is. There should be more train travel in the US. Check it out at Amtrak.com. The train starts in New York and goes to New Orleans. We will let you know about our experience.


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