Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm counting down until kickoff this evening. As some of you know, I love college football. I'm not alone here in the south.
I have a theory, if anyone cares to hear it. I think the reason college football is sooo popular here is because the south has traditionally been at the very bottom of every list that's been created.
We're lowest in income
Life expectancy
Health statistics
Mental health
Infant mortality
and on, and on.
There are two notable exceptions - obesity rates, and college football.
Obviously, we'd love NOT to be at the top of obesity stats, but when what do you expect from a region that invented Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and Coca Cola.
Now, where was I? Oh yes, college football. Our little region has had more than their share of college national championships. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama have all been national champions. Some of these teams have won several times.
So, in my opinion, college football lets us be first in something, and that is why we are so crazy about it. I'm still not sure what makes us wear those crazy getups on national television.
Does anyone have a theory on that?
Y'all have a great weekend and I hope your team wins (unless your team tonight happens to be Penn State).


  1. My theory on the crazy get-ups: hours spend drinking beer and tailgating in the parking lot impairs the brain cells that scream out "no stupid, don't do that!" But that's ok because, because those "dedicated" fans bring a smile to the rest of us.

  2. Good point, but I've never had enough beer to make me want to put a hat on decorated with two rolls of toilet paper with a box of Tide washing powder between them.
    Roll Tide Roll is the message.

  3. Love your list, funny stuff. I do love Krispie Kreme


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