Monday, September 13, 2010

Porch Weather

I started to post my column from yesterday, which is what I usually do on Monday nights. Then, Jilda gave me that, "cheater, cheater, pants on fire" look, so I decided to man up and write something tonight.
The weather has been too hot to sit out on the screen porch, unless we wanted to get out there before sunrise and sip coffee naked.
Even in the evenings after sunset, the air has still been uncomfortable. We've become such wimps.
But, this morning it was in the 50s, and I decided that I'd spend the afternoon getting the porch ready for fall.  So I took all the "stuff" off the porch and hosed it down. There was enough dust on the chairs to grow a patch of potatoes. When I got through sweeping the corners and the ceiling, I had a wad of cobwebs as big as a full-grown collie. There was enough web-yarn to weave a rug.
After I finished, I sat down and admired my work. The slow spinning ceiling fan made it feel like heaven out there. The porch looked much bigger without the cobwebs.
I expect we'll have coffee out there tomorrow, and maybe lunch too. I'm slowly getting my todo list whittled down.


  1. I wish I had a south facing porch. At one time I had a west facing porch, too hot or bright to sit on in the evenings!

    I do have a bench under the trees and it's nice to drink coffee out there in the morning.

    You sound so disgustingly industrous you put us to shame!

  2. I love sitting on a porch. I stopped by because I saw your profile pic in another blog and you look like someone I know. You're not him, but I love your pic at the top of your blog, tracks and old stations draw me in all the time. And, I'm from the South (but lived most of my adult life in exile).


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