Friday, January 28, 2011

Creative Space- Day 2

I knew going in to my Creative Space project that some of the work would be less appealing. Today we tackled THAT work. We spent the day dealing with rotted seals, and leveling old wood. It was slow dirty work. I crawled under the old house and thank goodness it's winter. Had it been summer, there would have been spiders as big as chihuahuas under there trying to crawl into my coveralls.
My carpenter,who I discovered today is almost seventy years old, waxed philosophical. "You gotta take the good with the bad," he wheezed, as he tapped a Marlboro out of his pack and and fired it up with an antique Zippo lighter. Some folks may have blown this piece of wisdom off, but I thought it  was a gem, and I filed it away.
We chipped, dug and leveled all day long and when the evening shadows grew long, we knocked off. Neither of us could have been more exhausted had we run a marathon.  I shot a few pictures but they didn't look like much.
Tomorrow, we'll hang the garden door, finish up a few loose ends, and then it will be up to me to start putting the interior in order.
I've gotten some poignant comments on the entries about creative space.  I think we all are creative people longing to do something remarkable.
Some will live their dreams, but others may not. To me, it's not always about success but about working towards something.
So once my creative space is a reality, what comes next?  I'd like to write a book that makes people smile...a book that takes wings and in some way changes the world. I'm an optimist with realist tendencies. I know that success is relative and fleeting.
This much I know. The old saying - "You can't win the lottery if you don't have a ticket" is words that I, and a lot of my blog-buddies live by.


  1. "No pain no gain"!!! Your working space is gonna be fabulous - look at all this effort!!! Wow!!

    Take care

  2. Great post and oh so true.

  3. If I lived in the country I'd like a little building like yours to go to with a cup of coffee to work, creatively.

    The building my apartment in is big and there are many rooms. I've decided to make the library y creative space. It already has a comfortable chair and table. It needs heat and the old laptop in there.

    Creating your space for creativity has inspired me.

  4. Ranger Rick,
    Let me stick my know-it-all nose into your carpentry training. Your repairing the "sills" not the "seals". I'll tell you like my Dad told me when I worked full time with him during the summers. He said "Son, that cap doesn't make you a carpenter. Listening to the old man just might."
    Keep the updates coming. I'm enjoying them immensely.

  5. Whew I'm exhausted!
    Just think how deeply satisfied you'll be when your space is ready and you can look back on the effort and hard work you put it.
    And a bonus - you're getting to know a true philosopher!


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