Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gun That Killed Ol' Yeller

I've driven over 400 miles today. I got up early and headed down south to do an interview for the paper. I left early so that I'd miss rush hour in Birmingham and I'd have plenty of time to enjoy the ride.
The Alabama logo used to be, "The Heart of Dixie".  If that's the case, I drove through the heart, of the heart of Dixie today. I ended up in Abbeville, Alabama which is somewhere around Dixie's left knee.
I reached Montgomery about mid morning leaving the foothills of the Appalachians, and the farmland stretched out far as the eye could see and was as flat as a pool table.
The day was overcast and the oak trees on the banks of the Alabama River and moss hanging from the limbs looked like ancient grey beards.
I interviewed a guy that owns Great Southern Wood. I'm guessing he's one of the richest people in Alabama if not the entire south. But he was a delightful person to interview. He loves his hometown. He made the decision to leave the headquarters of his company, which has sales of over a half billion dollars a year, in Abbeville. He is passionate about education and helping kids get in to college.
He also was key in helping to revitalize the small downtown area of Abbeville.
I drove through the town and stopped by a small soda fountain/restaurant which was just a few doors down from the Henry County Courthouse.
The place was called Huggin' Molly's. Huggin' Molly is the ghost of Abbeville. I didn't get a hug, from Molly, but I did get one of the best cheeseburgers and helping of home fries I've ever had.
The Cheryl Yawn, the hostess sat with me and talked while I ate. She pointed out one attraction at Huggin' Molly's which was the Gun That Killed Ol' Yeller. Now obviously, the gun really didn't kill Ol' Yeller, because Ol' Yeller was a movie and even back then they didn't indiscriminately kill lovable dogs for the sake of family entertainment, but it was the prop used in the movie.
When I got back home tonight, my back was stiff and my eyes were tired, but I had a great day at work.


  1. Yep, I love that show.

  2. Sounds like an ideal day to me. I am not sure whether it is related, but my dad used to use a phrase he called "huggin' and chalkin'.

    It referred to hugging a large woman, when the huggers arms could not reach all the way around in one go. So the fella' would make a chalk mark and then proceed to the next "huggin section". :)

  3. I like the title of this post, and I'd like to eat at that restaurant. I'd also like to read your article on the interview. Can you post it?

  4. I admire that businessman for keeping his headquarters in an area that probably needed it. We read so much about corporations who don't care anything about the people of the U.S. It is good to hear about this man.

  5. Abbeville sounds like a great place!! Thanks to the atlruistic and philanthropic guy you interviewed!

    I've not seen Ol Yeller the movie but glad doggie wasn't really shot! Take care

  6. Isn't it great Rick when life and work all get jumbled up together and we get to have a good time?

  7. Thanks y'all. I was whupped when I wrote last night. I had a lot more things I wanted to mention but ran out of steam. I'm going to continue the blog tonight.
    Marsha, there's actually a song that has lyrics very similar to what you described. It is a scream. A local group Three on a String used to sing it, but I'm not sure who wrote it.

  8. What a great day. If that's work then I want a job like yours!! Loved the quaint feel of the picture and the history lesson you got while having lunch. So cool.

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