Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Have a Buzz That's Not Good

Our heat-pump is acting up and I don't like the sound of it! The inside unit comes on but the outside unit buzzes and the fan never kicks on. If I were to describe this with a technical term, it would be ungood.

The last time something similar happened many years ago, I had to knock off a Jiffy-Mart on check day to pay for the repairs.

I could get all snippy or maybe throw a temper tantrum, but the outside unit would keep buzzing, so I choose look on the bright side. I'll be putting money into an ailing economy.  Perhaps it will help some struggling heating and cooling technician make a payment on his Mercedes or pay the last year of college for one of his kids.

I heard a funny heating and cooling story a while back:
Seems there was this brain surgeon in Alabama with a busted airconditioner in August. He called a local technician who promptly came out and fixed the problem in about thirty minutes.
When he handed the surgeon the bill for $1800, the doctor was aghast. "I'm a brain surgeon and I don't make that kind of money for a thirty minute job," he sniffed.
The airconditioner guy said, "Yes, I know. I didn't make that kind of money when I was a brain surgeon either."

Maybe the a/c gods will be with me and the tech will squirt in a little freon and my unit will spring to life.
If not, I'll be casing Jiffy-Marts.

(I'm not sure if there are any policemen who read my blog, but if any do, I'M ONLY KIDDING ABOUT THE JIFFY-MARTS!!!)


  1. Hmmm heat-pump malaise - not good.

    Your telling of it is very entertaining, though!

  2. Good for you for thinking of someone else when you have to pay for something. That is a good attitude.

  3. Hope it's not an expensive repair for you. It never ends does it?

  4. The most recent (and third time!) I was robbed I chose to think of it as the ultimate in recycling...that someone out there in the world was enjoying all the nice stuff I had had taken. Like you Rick, I could have been angry,hurt,frightened... but the stuff would still have been gone. At the end of the day, the only control we have in this world is how we feel about things.

  5. Thank's y'all.
    Well said Jacqueline. It's all about attitude in my opinion.

  6. I hope you make your heat pump un ungood!! LOL!!!

    Good luck finding a nice repair person!!!

    Loved the story! LOL! Take care

  7. Good luck with that. I hate dealing with that kind of junk. It's very ungood.

  8. The sad part of life is unexpected expenses… and you never get use to it.

    Hope everything works out.

  9. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I understand your pain. Unexpected expenses are life's test of our attitude. Good luck!


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