Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creative Space - Day 3 Final update for a while

Today we wrapped-up work I wanted to do during the first phase. After the porch and shoring up the foundation, I wanted to enclose the kitchen. Several years ago, the old house had another room on the back but it was in bad shape so I tore it off. I wanted to frame up a wall, but the law of diminishing intent took effect which left an opening in the old kitchen big enough to drive my truck through.
That wasn't a problem in the past because as I've said before, the old house was used for storage and the hole in the wall was of no consequence.
But the the new creative space didn't call for a hole in the kitchen wall. In fact, most heating systems are ill equipped to counter uninhibited winter winds.
So we decided to install a garden door. We got the door installed but we ran of the material before we finished the steps.  Hopefully we'll finish those on Monday.
The weatherman is calling for rain next week so I'm guessing it will be some time before the sawmill cuts the siding for the back of the house. That part of the work will only take a few hours.
If you look closely at this picture you'll see something you don't see every day. For years I've been battling a cottonwood tree that grew too close to the foundation. A small limb found its way between the inside and outside walls and reached upward toward the sun. You can see it right up there near the slop-jar. Yes, I said slop-jar. If you don't know what it is, look it up on Wikipedia.
The old house once used Warm Morning coal heaters for heat, so every room in the house had a chimney.  When the heaters were removed, someone improvised and placed a slop-jar over the opening on the roof to keep the rain out.
Now where was I?......Oh yes, You have to love the persistence of Mother Nature. Long after we humans are extinct due to stupidity of one form or another, Mother Nature will work to reclaim her garden.
My nephew James has been keeping up with my updates and decided to bring the fam out for a look at what we've been doing. They posed on the porch so that I could snap a photo.
Anyhow, we're close to starting on the inside stuff which will be a slow go and I'll probably only give periodic updates.
This evening before dark, I went out to put a few scoops of corn out for the deer and I walked on down to the old house and sat on the new porch for a long while.
When I closed my eyes I could feel a warm breeze out of the west and I could smell sawdust. For a moment, it seemed like time slowed down. Even though I was tired, and my joints ached, I felt like I was in sync with the Universe.  I really can't wait until the place is ready.


  1. I like the doors, Rick. Very pretty.

  2. A-ha!! I see the tree's limb through your roof!! Wow!!! That's close!!! :-)

    Nice to see your family enjoying your new porch!!

    Your creative space is really coming along in leaps and bounds and it's only been less than a week!! Yay! Take care

  3. That is so awesome Rick. Can't wait for it to be done for you and Jilda. You guys are truly going to appreciate it.

  4. Your progress is amazing! The new door is pretty and willstill let a lot of light in. We have a cottonwood and for two weeks of the year, really hate the thing! Having it grow through your house must really be heinous! Lol. Loving watching the progress so don't forget to post once in a while...I can imagine how magical that moment was where you smelled the sawdust at day's end!

  5. Thanks y'all. I will do updates but I don't want to "wear out my welcome" as my mama used to say. So I'll be working on new topics for a while.

  6. Was the girl in front trying to strangle her sister?

  7. My husband's uncle owns a house that's over a hundred years old and they finally finished a careful remodel of the whole thing. It maintains its integrity and functions much more efficiently. We visited for a couple days before the remodel was underway and saw all kinds of wildlife: deer, turkeys, and I even came within 10 yards of a coyote. Have fun!

  8. I just love old anything and the fact this will be your creative space... I can't wait to read your creations :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  9. Wonder why it is that as we get older, every physcial accomplishment, comes with the trade-off of achey joints?

    I'm just wondering. :)


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