Friday, January 21, 2011


This evening I delivered a pot of Jilda's world famous cheese potato soup to a friend who's going through a difficult time just now. 
Our friend lives about fifteen miles away so I decided to take the back way, across the foothills instead of taking the "road most often taken". 
As I crossed a ridge, I looked off to the west and it felt like I could see forever. The setting sun highlighted dissipating contrails of some passing planes, and the sky looked like a dusty rainbow. 
I tried to pull over and take a photograph, but a fellow traveler rode my bumper like a hobby-horse, and by the time I found a wide place in the road to let them pass, it was too late to get the picture, the moment had passed. 
I could rail against inconsiderate people who can't pause a moment to enjoy rare beauty, but I'd be railing against myself. 
You see I've been that inconsiderate driver in the past. I can recall too many times when in a hurry, I swore at old farts who had the audacity to brake for beauty. "Don't these idiots know that I must get to Wal-Mart for cheese doodles and Mountain Dew??????? Who the hell do they think they are trying to take a picture of a rainbow???????
But things changed for me within this last year. Even thought I'm quite busy, I'm not in as big a hurry as I was in the past.  When I see something remarkable, I take a picture, or at least I take a moment to enjoy the rare gift.
I forgive the inconsiderate driver tonight. The truth is, pictures are never as good as the ones you take with your mind. It is my wish that one day the young motorist will get to a place in their lives where beauty does matter, and they will slow down enough to take a picture.


  1. Sounds like you have learned to enjoy "the pause that refreshes."

    Good for you! - Marsha

  2. What a great post. You know, I think junk food makes people more impatient. Might be the additives, or maybe just my imagination.

    Nice to "meet" you.

  3. That's a beautiful post.. I live in the city, so I rarely get to see stuff like that, (I'll probably see buildings, and vehicles, and dogs, and crows, and even a stray cow, if I'm lucky.. :\ ) so I get the urge to capture it in a picture..
    But as you said, pictures are never as good as the ones you take with your mind. (Loved this line.. :) )

  4. Exactly! Doesn't some of that thinking just come with age as you see how fast life goes by? And all of a sudden you APPRECIATE life in a different way?
    Tell Jilda I'd love that great that you appreciate how good it sounds delish! She must be a wonderful friend to be sending it!

  5. This is some great writing, sharing in many things in one post. First of all, whatever happened to cause you to slow down and smell the roses these days, you must be enjoying life more. Admitting that you were one of the rude, pushy drivers in life and on the road, is admirable. Something happens to people a little at a time until the busy stuff in life is priority. So again, good for you for slowing down. Now, about that famous cheese potato soup, how about a recipe?

  6. Oh youth!!!! So true!!! I too hope that as experience and maturity sets in, people would appreciate the finer and more aesthetic things in life!!! Great post! Take care

  7. wandered over here from Reya's blog and spent some time perusing your posts - found them all delightfully conversational. I like that you stop to admire beauty when you see it and agree that mind pictures are the best.

  8. This is exactly where we are at in our lives too. Let them learn to take in a moment of beauty and to find they will still get to their destination. Great post.

  9. Oh I know just what you mean. And they will, when they get to the point in their lives when they have less before them than behind them.

  10. Thanks y'all. Jilda said she could hook us up the recipe for the soup. She said it was easy but you know them cooks!
    Reya, The additives theory is a good one. I wouldn't be surprised if that weren't true.
    TechnoBabe, I went through a voluntary/involuntary separation from the company that I worked with for 33 years. I left in March of last year, and the event proved to be a gift.
    Welcome Paulene, thanks for your kind words.
    Ellen - when they get to the point in their lives when they have less before them than behind them. WOW! I wish I'd said that.
    Again, thanks.

  11. Drivers up in this neck of the woods are quite slow and observant- there is something to marvel at at every turn.Seems everyone has a camera.
    Your former post re: Hank really lit up a warmth in my center! When I was young and very broke, pop corn for dinner poor, I had three LP's , one was Hank Williams and I listened to it over and over and over until the neighbor finally knocked on my door with threats of breaking it...he was going to "move it on over"...
    Thank you for coming over to my half-assed blog! Glad to have found you! Love your writing,Rick.

  12. It is always nice to stop and smell the roses.

  13. I gave you an award over at my blog.

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is calming compared to mine and I enjoyed reading words the from your soul. It is a great thing to blog and share feelings.
    Even greater to have your soul mate on your sidebar.

  15. HELLO!! Thank-you for stopping by my blog! I followed the crumbs back to your blog and am so glad I did; I've really enjoyed my visit! I read some of your past posts and enjoyed them as well! I hope you'll stop by my blog again and I look forward to following your blog and getting to know you a bit better too!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I hope you read my disclaimer in the blog description! It's moments like this, when I cross paths with a "real" writer and I get a bit intimidated :) But, thanks all the same.

    I have a classic 1968 Cougar XR7 that has a big engine. I love to get in it and just drive. I take everything in when on those drive's. The wind, how strands of my hair escape my ponytail and baseball cap and whip against my face. It's pure joy to smell the wheat or garbanzo beans as they are just reaching time to harvest.
    I'm so thankful I reached the age of being able to "see" all of this, even though I have lived in this area my whole life....I never really saw it.

  17. Thanks Sharon. I'm flattered that you'd think I'm a real writer. As I've said many times, the more I learn the more I realize I don't know squat about writing.

  18. I had to comment again, because of Sharon mentioning garbanzo beans growing! The first time I saw a garbanzo bean fresh and raw, I wondered, then it was obvious. I looked at the fuzzy little chick in side the loose pod and knew without question: CHICKPEA! I get it!


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