Saturday, January 22, 2011

Writing Day

I've been writing all day on stories that are due on Monday. Mid-morning, Jilda invited me to go for a walk. My back was as stiff as starched Levi's, so I gladly bundled up and headed outside without my hat and gloves. By the time we circled the barn, I wished I'd remembered them. But after about thirty minutes of a brisk pace, I no longer noticed the wind. The sky was cloudless and the sun was warm on my face.
The dogs love this weather. I hated for the walk to end because I knew I'd be back at the computer for several more hours.
I had just taken my jacket off when our carpenter knocked on the door.  So I suited back up and headed down to the old house to help take measurements and discuss what all I wanted to do with the "Creative Space" that I wrote about on Monday.
I was excited when I first started discussing the project with Jilda a few weeks back, but today as we stretched the tape measure, wrote down dimensions, and finalized the material list I realized that it was only a matter of time (and some hard work) before we'd be able to check an item off our "What We Really Want" list.
I fretted that the project might take weeks, and cost more than a new Mercedes, but our carpenter called this evening and gave me the price tag for the material list and it wasn't bad at all. He plans to begin construction within the next two weeks if the weather cooperates. And he said the work wouldn't last more than a few days. I realized it will take longer than that to sort through the junk stored in there but looks like it's a go. I will document the work and share with you all.
We had company coming for dinner tonight but I managed to knock out drafts of both my stories before they arrived. I love writing, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when deadlines sneak up on you.
Y'all have a great Sunday.


  1. So you are buildiing a creative space, an external one, to match the creative space in your head?

    Great idea - wish I had one - a creative space, not an of those wouldn't hurt either. :)

  2. Busy day! I'm glad the quote on the price was not too bad.

  3. Wow - your dream creative spaces are coming to fruition so soon!!!That's brilliant!!! I look forward to the before and after pics!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday too - yay for your creative writing output and meeting those deadlines!!

    A brisk walk with the doggies is always fun!

    Take care

  4. A creative space can be wonderfully motivating! My hubby and sons did just a renovation of our laundry area to add craft space for me and I just love that area! Can't wait to see how your project goes!
    A brisk walk is just the thing to get the creative juices flowing...good luck!

  5. After just reading Jilda's post I'd say you had a great ending to a busy day. The house project sounds like it will be great.

  6. I enjoy writing when I have something to say. Not so much when I am forcing a project.

  7. can I have your carpenter for a week or so? prices for carpentry here are craazee!

  8. So far I haven’t had to write against a deadline… I can imagine (a little) how hard it must be.

    Best of luck

  9. Congrats on the drafts and the estimate. I'm going to pick paint today for my "Creative Space." Just to let you know my background is Architecture, I'm here if you need anything :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. Totally understandable. I've been feeling lucky lately because school is out (I'm working toward an MFA in Creative Writing) and I've been able to just write fiction and freelance (Thank goodness for ghost writing and ghost blogging) but my tiny vacation will be over on the 31st. Back to studying, researching, writing fiction, pulling my hair out and loving it all.


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