Saturday, January 15, 2011

I call it - Squirrel Eating Seed on the Deck

I got a new photography app for my iPhone and I tried it out on a squirrel eating breakfast on our deck. The app allows you to take slow motion photography. You've probably seen pictures like these taken at night and the effect turns the headlights of passing cars into colorful strings of light.
I must admit this photograph was not quite what I was shooting for, but I think it resembles an Impressionist painting, especially after having a few glasses of cabernet sauvignon. You kinda have to squint your eyes and view the picture with your peripheral vision. And for the best effect, look away and then look back really fast! YES, I do realize you can't really see the squirrel (said in a really condescending and sarcastic tone of voice) but isn't that often the case with art?
I could take the Arteeeest approach and say, hey, it's art, I shouldn't have to explain my work!!!
The downside to this approach is that I have blog buddies that would bust my chops and have a great deal of fun at my expense.
Hmmmm. I'll give this app a few days and if the pictures don't get any better, I'm asking for a refund.

NOTE: I also want to thank all of you that sent me birthday greetings. Today was a good day. The weather has been a little sad, but I've had fun with the spousal unit.
As a birthday gift, she's giving me/us a get-away to attend the L.L. Bean fly fishing school in Freeport, Maine in the spring. I"ve been drooling over the catalogs for years. Obviously she'll go and do the lodge thang, but is this a great gift or what? I'm crazy about this girl!


  1. I'll try to imagine the squirrel. What color was it? LOL
    Happy Birthday! My oh my, what a great gift!

  2. Happy Birthday Rick. I'd say she is a great birthday gift and then the trip is second. You will love it I'm sure because I've known a few folks who have gone there and enjoyed it immensely.


    Hey it's your birthday and if you say that pic depicts a squirrel then by golly it does!

    Enjoy your day!

    Take care

  4. It's obviously an impressionistic view of Squirrel On Patio and very well done. Besides, it's your birthday, and whatever you say it is, it is.

  5. We had a Fly-Fishing unit in high school phys ed class. I fell in love with it. Very jealous in a good way. Be sure and blog about it!

  6. Sorry, I can't see any squirrel.
    I wish you a Happy Birthday! Enjoy the gift received from your "spousal unit" !


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