Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Doves

I've been trying to wrap my arms around this blogging thang, but I'm not having much luck. As I stumble through cyberspace, I come across some incredibly talented people. Reading their words and seeing their pictures is a humbling experience.
I see blogs that are works of art. Many of the big names in blogging stake out a claim on a topic and mine it like a seam of pure gold.
I sometimes think I should be more focused, but then I'd have to start making hard decisions about what "fits" the theme of my blog, and what doesn't?
And then there's the name of my blog - Life 101. What's that all about? When I started writing this blog over five years ago, I imagined I would be sharing what I've learned in my life. But I've come to realize I don't know diddly about life or anything else for that matter. I have way more questions than answers.
As I sat on the couch this morning drinking coffee and thinking about what I should do in my blog, I saw these doves and wrens looking for breakfast in the snow.
I smiled to myself as I snapped the picture, because they had answered my question for me.


  1. Excellent, Rick. You are putting yourself into these pages - unadulterated and unabridged (well, within reason, eh?). Blogging is truly an interesting phenomenon. It is kind of journaling, if you want it to be. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Just like "real life" some folks will like what you do and others not so much.

    But you have certainly shared wisdom in this post - "consider the birds of the air..."

  2. When you start with 101 some day you will be 201.

  3. It's life as you know it and I'm glad you're sharing your little gems here! The doves are lovely!!!

    Take care

  4. I'm too "all over the place" to have a dedicated blog. Just isn't me. Love your blog. It's not boring and you never know what you're going to write about. Don't change a thing!!

  5. Blogs that cover many topics are far more interesting than ones that limit themselves. I think of my blog as a wheel. The central hub is gardening/nature, but the wheel wouldn't be complete and carry things along if it weren't for the various spokes or topics that get a conversation going. The dialogue that develops (or at least I hope it will when I post something) is what I blog for.

    Your blog is philosophical and keeps us thinking and wondering. I hope you continue.

  6. Rick, I love your blog. If I didn't I wouldn't visit it daily or have become a follower for updates.

    We all have times in life when we question the direction we're going or the place where we've become stagnate. Does anyone ever get beyone "Life 101" -- I think not. I know that for me, life is constantly changing and that everyday is a new learning experience. That's what makes it interesting.

    Your blog can be whatever you want it to be. Personally, I like it just the way it is -- your take on life and where it takes you.

  7. I think in blogging you can be a dilettante or an expert. Some experts are fascinating and express themselves beautifully - others send their readers to sleep. On balance, I prefer the dilettantes :-)

  8. Thanks y'all. Yesterday was one of those introspective days.
    I really blog because I love blogging. The blog world seems like a much better avenue than say, Facebook where the only folks that have a chance to see your work are your immediate circle of friends.
    With Blogger and many others, people from all around the world can look at what you do.
    I love blogging because I think it builds discipline and in my opinion, it takes discipline if you ever want to become a successful writer.
    Again, thanks.

  9. I like the blog just the way it is. I prefer a little bit of randomness as opposed to re-hashing the same topic in different ways. :-D

  10. Ah Rick - don't sweat the small stuff about other people and what they write. They're them and you're you. And you can see in that last sentence why I went back to school last year and did Year 11 English all over again after 50 years. LOL.Nothing wrong with your blog name - every day is a learning curve it seems to me.
    Ms Soup
    PS Oh yes, happy birthday and all the best for 2011.

  11. This was very enjoyable to read. Love what you did with the photo. I just write about my life in the present and past. It's what I know best. Themes can be a hassle and very limiting.


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