Thursday, February 16, 2012

Apple Pie

My mom's resting comfortably tonight and I'm thankful for that. I went in this evening to do the night shift, but one of my nieces from South Carolina came home to help out and she insisted on staying tonight, so I came home to rest.
It's an interesting phenomena, but around here we tend to tell funny stories about people who have died or are dying. 
Things they've done, said, or stood for. I guess it's a way of dealing with the loss. 
Jilda has a funny story about my mom that always makes me smile. My mom cooked treats. Cakes, pies, candy, all the stuff we love but are not supposed to eat that often.
She used to make what she called apple diaper pies. They had a crust that was almost like a croissant, filled with apple filling and the bottom was kind of sticky/gooey. 
For years Jilda asked her for the recipe, but mama would never tell her how to make them.
Then after years of persistence, mama relented. 
The recipe contained barrels of sugar, buckets or butter, and good helping of lard along with the dough, apples, and other secret stuff.
Mama told her as she wrote down the ingredients the reasons she wouldn't divulge the recipe was because we've always been fairly health conscience and she feared we would never eat her pies that was going to happen.
We are of the school of thought that says everything is fine as long as you do it in moderation.
I'd love to have one of those pies right now.


  1. Oh, how I miss my mom's chocolate pie. But I do not miss her meat loaf. I don't miss anyone's meat loaf. I think when we talk about people who are moving on to Heaven, it helps us prepare for that eventuality and it helps us say goodbye. It's wonderful to have good memories of your mom.


  2. Anonymous2:23 AM

    My mom made lemon meringue pies with just one or two golden tears on top that would weep from the meringue during baking. Golden teardrops...

  3. For sure you would love a pie, it brings comforting memories doesn't it? And I do understand what you mean!

  4. Was drawn to your site by the story of your mom - I am or was a senior caregiver as well. Mom used to live with me and now lives in Assisted Living.

    Your story about how you are handling the end of life issues touches my heart. I have yet to cross that road but I am sure it is in my future with mom.

    Thank you Mybabyjohn/Delores for sharing this blog with me.

  5. Yay for nappy pies!! These sound delicious!! Yay for your mum! Take care

  6. Yes, we do share our stories of those we love. We share them with laughter and tears. I love this story of your mother. It is so cute how she was afraid you wouldn't eat the pie any more if you knew the recipe. I'm very glad to hear she is comfortable tonight.

  7. The taste left with the lard.

  8. Thinking of you all. Memories and talking with others helps a bit. Love.

  9. Humour helps in dealing with a very emotional and traumatic time for most people. It would be a terrible thing if there were no humorous moments to recall about the people we most love and care for.

    Ms Soup

  10. I think it's great to share happy and funny stories about those we love. We used to joke to my MIL about her sharing her potato salad recipe and leaving out one ingredient so no one could make it as good as she did. I still think she took the "real" recipe with her to heaven! Hey, if Jilda has the apple pie recipe can't she make it for you so you could be comforted in this difficult time? I'm sure if you asked her nicely she would make it for you...

  11. Boys and their moms... it's special. Maybe Jilda will make you those pies when you especially miss her. I'm glad she's comfortable, and that it brings you comfort to tell the stories. When my grandpa died, and again last year when my grandma died, we spent a lot of time telling every funny story we could think of about them. It keeps them close.

  12. Thank you for sharing this with us. The way you write about the memories of your mother are truly touching to me. Wonderful anecdotes and thoughts.

    Ahh I am getting hungry now and it's already 10:30 at night. I may have to get myself a midnight snack later. :)

    I made pumpkin pie back in October of last year in honor of Halloween but it didn't work out very well. I'm not that good at baking or cooking in general, sadly. Perhaps I should just stick with my macaroni and cheese!


    The Red Angel Blog

  13. My mother is not a good cook, but whenever she prepared something we are there to eat them all... It's the bonding time that we value more than whatever. I understand Sir Rick....



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