Thursday, February 02, 2012


I love creativity. It manifests itself in so many ways -- music, painting, photography, design, electronics, and chainsaw art.
I stopped in the local grocery store yesterday to get a roasted chicken for dinner and I saw this huge bear in the bed of a truck. I swung around the parking lot to get a  better view and I was amazed.
This guy was from WAY up in the country, and he does chainsaw art.
I asked if he minded me taking a picture and he agreed, but he didn't look too happy when I asked him to stand by his truck.
When you look at the detail of these carvings, it's hard to imagine they were carved out of a single piece of wood with a screaming chainsaw.
I think I'm going to call him up and interview him....maybe shoot some video of him carving something out of a tree trunk.
As I said, I love creativity.


  1. It is fun to create something, isn't it? Writing a blog is creative and of course your music. It gives a person a feeling of satisfaction.

  2. How lovely!!! A true artist - totally dedicated and extremely shy!

    Take care

  3. What a lovely idea to promote him!

  4. I love creativity -- especially creating my own truth.



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