Friday, February 10, 2012

I've tapped the letters off my keyboard, but nothing's appeared on my screen. You'd think that with all the advances in data modeling, graphic design, search algorithms, and crowd sourcing that it could grasp that I'm struggling and come up with a decent title and opening paragraph or two. 
But either that functionality has not trickled down to the masses or else it's a software add on that costs more than a new Lincoln Town Car.
At any rate, here I am on Friday night and I can't get a spark of an idea with a Zippo full of lighter fluid and a fresh flint.
Jilda waltzed in typed for a few minutes, clapped her laptop closed, and said over her shoulder as she drifted out of the office -- I posted. 
I wanted to smack her....but unfortunately all the dogs adore her and would eat me like a milk bone if I laid a hand on her.
So, my dear readers, this is the best I can do tonight. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Dogs rule; Rick drools.


  2. This also count as a post, so it's OK!

  3. We all know you wouldn't slap her. She's too cute! And you ended up with a post too! See!!!!

  4. How is it that even when you have no ideas, I end up laughing?

  5. I know where you're coming from my Friend. I'm there right now. I should be ashamed of not posting something on my Blogs, but it's like trying to walk through a wall when I start to sign in.

    Good one anyway!


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