Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I appreciate all the kind, supportive comments from last night. Today is a bit of a blur. Our family made the decision to engage hospice for my mom today. They do a good job managing the end game.
What tilted the scale for me was when my mom turned to me early this morning in a spasm of pain that I can't begin to imagine, said I'm dying. After a brief conference with my sisters, we all agreed that we should not let our mom suffer.  She's on morphine now and she's been resting.
I downloaded Elvis singing Amazing Grace on my iPhone. I put it on loop and put the phone on her shoulder. Leave it to Elvis to help ease the pain.
Back in 2000 my brother who was 34 at the time had made a lot of bad life decisions and the end results was that he ended up in Omega House (indigent hospice care) in Houston, Texas.
Jilda and I flew out to see if there was anything we could do. In talking with the people there, I felt I was in the presence of beings vibrating on a higher level than most of us.
My brother was cared for, coddled, and loved by people who didn't judge him by the life choices he'd made, but by what he needed to make the best of the life he had left.
I still get a lump in my throat when I think of the kindness of those people.
Jilda and I took the guitar and sang a few songs for the people there. It wasn't much, but they seemed to enjoy it.
I'm hoping the antibiotics do their magic and my mom is back to her sassy self, but only time will tell.


  1. Hospice for my mother in law was kindness and love. A sweet young woman came and sang and played her guitar and it gave great comfort. Family came and went, could stay, were fed, pain was dulled. She was only there for a few days but was at peace at the end. Each person seemed to see something/feel something different as they came to say goodbye. I was very grateful for the care and for the many many people (including my inlaws in earlier years) who donated so that the hospice could be built and furnished and funded.

    This is a very tough time of life indeed. Love to you and Jilda and love for your Mom and your families too. Prayers.

  2. I'm convinced those who work in hospice care are angles walking on earth. Prayers for you and your mom.

  3. I sure hope your Mom can battle this and come back swinging. I think hospice is a marvelous place and she will get the good care she needs. I'll keep all of you in my prayers and I'm sorry your family has to go through all of this.

  4. I've never seen a hospice nurse who wasn't excellent.


  5. I'm praying for your Mom, you and your family that you feel God's love wrapped around you all. I've travelled that road more times than I would have liked, but in the end always felt it was a gift to be able to be there.

    Wings of angels for you all....

  6. Thinking of you all, sending my big hugs to you.

  7. What a difficult decision for all of you. Glad the whole family are gathering together to do what's best for you mum!! She looks like she wants to clobber you across the head for pulling silly faces! She looks like a very spirited woman!

    Take care

  8. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Tough times indeed. I will keep your Mom foremost in my thughts. I'm glad she is in a place where her discomfort can be managed.

  9. Your title caught my eye from another blog...I need to go back and read your past posts. We learned so much from Hospice during the seven months we had them for my dad that we were able to take care of him at home until his passing. Hoping you find peace in the coming days and weeks ...

  10. You are doing everything you can for your mom. You are making all the right decisions. I have some experience on this because I am a geriatrician. Hugs to you and your family.

  11. Having sent a prayer up for your mother, you and your family... I'm holding onto faith that each of you will be carried through this with lots of love and comfort.

  12. Ah Rick. So much I could say but it doesn't help the situation. I lost my father to pneumonia and it was not pleasant for him nor myself. I was relieved when he passed for his sake. When my husband was dying, hospice came into the house daily. They were wonderful, caring, supportive of family, and guided me through the process. I just can't say enough about hospice. I hope and pray your Mom is comfortable. Big hugs!

  13. I'm so sorry about your mother but also glad she is being treated for the pain and is resting now. We are all so blessed to have places like hospice that know how to help. God bless. I will be praying.

  14. I have experienced Hospice care with my Dad. I don't know how these wonderful people do what they do, day in and day out. It has to be a special calling and gifting from God...My heart aches for you Mom and your family.

  15. Hospice workers are some of the most dedicated people I have come in contact with. They will take excellent care of your mother.

  16. Thanks all for you kind and loving support. You do not know what it means to us.

  17. Hospice workers are angels on earth. They took such good care of my grandma as she was making her way out of this life. They patiently explained each stage she went through and took the fear out of it. They cared for my grandma with tenderness and dignity. I will always be grateful to them.
    That said, I do hope your mom pulls through this crisis. My grandma did - a couple of times - before she finally gave in. But she was 100 years old, after all. It was time. Playing her music and talking softly to her will help. She can hear you and will appreciate music when no one is talking.

  18. I can't say enough for hospice either. sandie


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